SAT Boot Camp


Angela Lukesh

Picture of Mrs. Burbach’s first-period class doing practice SATs.

The week after spring break, the days through the 27th- 31st, the students and teachers here at Palisade will be on an SAT boot camp schedule. The reason for this is that last year during the PSAT and SAT state tests, the test scores were under the average that the district would have liked. Meaning as schools rely on good test scores to stay open and operational, the district is running SAT practices in core classes.
The SAT is a standardized test that has become the go-to exam for college admissions in Colorado. The state requires all high school juniors to take the test as part of their academic requirements. The SAT measures students’ abilities in reading, writing, and mathematics and provides a score that can be used by colleges to evaluate applicants.
Additionally, if students were to have good scores throughout the tests, some colleges would let the students in on a scholarship because SATs and PSATs can earn you money to go into worthy colleges.
When interviewing Nevaeh Adamson, a Junior here at Palisade who has to take the SAT in two weeks said, “I feel like the SAT boot camp is a good week to have before actual SAT week, although I am nervous for the test, I think the boot camp week is good for the practice and good for in some classes having a mental break. I am enjoying how the Boot camp is going so far.” When asked how she felt about students scoring low on the test last year she said, “I feel like students need to try harder and not just sit there and fly through the test by guessing.”