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Vultures is Kanye’s Worst Album

Alan Rocha
Julian listening To Vultures Album

After Vultures got delayed 3 times it finally dropped on Friday and some people are already calling it the album of the year. However, this album is worse than his lowest-rated album Jesus is King, or at least on the same level. Vultures is not just a Kanye solo album but a collaboration with Ty Dolla $ign which makes this his third studio collaboration album along with Watch the Throne with Jay Z and Kids See Ghost with Kid Cudi.


The album starts with Stars which is not a bad song at all using a choir and drums as its main music for an album opener it’s good. The songs that follow are all very similar with Paid and Back to Me repeating the same words over and over getting way too repetitive. Half the lyrics in Paid are “I’m just here to get paid” and in Back to me, the whole song was about how “beautiful (NOT SCHOOL APPROPRIATE) women don’t fall out of the sky” which is honestly a very Kanye thing to say.


The first few songs, although similar, do have their own sound that sets them apart; however, the rest of the album is quite similar, all having loud drums, wacky lyrics, and random screams. For example “How I’m anti-Semitic? (NOT SCHOOL FRIENDLY)” and also “How dare you have a (NOT SCHOOL APPROPRIATE)in your house eatin’ Papa Johns?” You can say, “Oh but he does this on his other albums” but the difference is that in those albums they make sense and are blended in well while in Vultures they are out of place and stick out like a sore thumb.


The main things that I don’t like about this whole album are the samples and the transitions between Kanye and Ty Dolla. Kanye’s Albums are known for their great samples but in Vultures they just are not good. Random screams, repeated loops and phrases could work if they were good in the first place, a great example being HOODRAT. The transitions are pretty bad as well. Just like my own transitions, they don’t integrate well and the beat switch between them is so jarring and present that at that point they should have just made two different songs.


The worst song of this album would have to be DO IT and in all honesty, his worst song ever just the starting verse is all you need to know how bad the song is. This takes the place of Drunken Hot Girls as the worst song by Kanye West. 


The best song on this album by a long shot is TALKING which is honestly really weird as the song features Kanye West’s oldest daughter North West. You would think her verse is bad like how Drakes’s son’s Adonis’s song was but she pulls it off great and does a great job along with that this song has decent sampling and mixing.


I wanted to have a second opinion on the Vultures album so I asked Jayden Aragon who has been a kanye fan sense middle school thinks that “Donda 2 was his worst album” but Donda 2 was released only in the Yeezy pods but he thinks “It’s worse than Jesus is King” I also wanted to know what he thinks the worst song on Vultures is and Jayden said “I don’t know all of them are pretty bad” which is a statement that many people agree with.


Overall I would give this album a 4/10 with the only thing saving it from being a 2/10 being Falling which is a good song but other than that I would not play any of his songs again and if i ever hear DO IT playing in my car I will rip the stereo out.

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