Helping Fight the Battle of Cancer

Coach Cory

Alicia Haynes

Coach Cory

Our Palisade basketball teams are hosting a cancer-awareness fundraiser during halftime at both the girls and the boys basketball games to help support the cancer community. This also helps support our very own Mrs. Caster and to stand by her with the loss of her husband who passed away due to the harsh effects of cancer. 

The cancer fundraiser is a way for the students and anyone else to be able to pitch in and help in whatever way they can to support the cancer community. Josh Zotto said in an interview, “I think having a fundraiser plays a very important part in supporting anyone who has cancer or knows somebody who has died from cancer because it lets you help motivate anyone that they are not alone and that a stranger out there cares.”

This fundraiser takes place everywhere around the world, but this year at Palisade it’s also going to help out a family member here at Palisade High School. During halftime, a minute will be put on the clock and during that minute the players will gather any donations that there may be in the stands. All the earnings that are made will be going to the Caster family. 

Cancer is to not be taken lightly, it is the second most common cause of death in the US after heart disease. As said in an interview with Coach Cory, “Schools all over the world host games as a fundraiser for supporting anyone who has cancer. Palisade has had games in the past years to support cancer awareness before, but this game will hit close to home for our school.” So go show up to the game on January 26, 2023. Boys and Girls JV starts at 4 pm, while girls Varsity starts at 5:30 pm, and boys Varsity starts at 7 pm. All games take place at Palisade, and the opponent is Central High school. Do what you can to help in whatever way that may be needed, even just a hug could change things.