Ski and Snowboard Club


Oliver Shrader

Skiers enjoying their time on the slopes.

The temperatures are starting to drop, snow is starting to fall, and winter has finally arrived which means everyone’s favorite sports are finally here: snowboarding and skiing. Being two of the most popular winter sports, the number of skiers and snowboarders continues to rise everyday in the United States. Research from Sports and Fitness Online Statistica states on average the number of skiers in the US is around 14.94 million and the number of snowboarders is around 7.56 million. Colorado is known widely for its amazing slopes for these recreational sports, including our own Powderhorn Mountain Resort on the Grand Mesa. The resort is set to open the day after Thanksgiving on the 25. To prepare for the epic winter season full of these recreational sports, Palisade’s own Ski and Snowboard Club is open for participants. The Ski and Snowboard Club is one of the school’s most popular clubs and always brings in fellow skiers and snowboarding enthusiasts. One of the teachers in charge of the club, Mr. Torfin says anybody can participate and welcomes anybody interested. “It’s an opportunity to get a cheap season pass but also an opportunity to gain friends and relationships.” Torfin says you don’t have to just learn to ski with the club, you can also get the season pass and go to Powderhorn to learn how to ski by yourself. This season passes for the whole year. “This club gives freshmen the opportunity to get to know other peers on the slopes.” Once season starts, the club will take ski trips weekly up at Powderhorn so students have the opportunity to miss school. Mr. Torfin has helped being in charge of the club for 5 years now, and along with teaching science to highschoolers he also enjoys skiing and snowboarding on the side. Check in with either Mr. Torfin or Mr. Steele if you have any questions and all payments can be made at the Palisade accounting window.