Boys Basketball Season Ends with a Hard Fight


Picture of Hunter Howard playing basketball

The Palisade Boys Varsity Basketball team had a very dedicated and hardworking season this year but sadly ended it with a loss against Battle Mountain this last Friday. The boys traveled up on Friday, and followed the victorious J.V. games. Not only was this game the ticket into the playoffs for the team, but this Friday was also Battle Mountain’s Senior Night making the pressure even more immense.

Hunter Howard, a Freshman at Palisade and a player for the Boys Varsity said, “We definitely needed that win to get to the playoffs, so there was some pressure there. The first half we played okay, then around the 3rd quarter we started fouling a lot, and then it went downhill in the 4th quarter. They started shooting a bunch of free throws and then scored like 30 points. At that point we couldn’t really keep up anymore. The season as a whole was okay. I think we never really showed our full potential and shown how good we could’ve been. I think we blew way to many games we should’ve won and winning them would’ve put us in a pretty good spot in the playoffs, but we just don’t have that team chemistry yet. Personally, I think the season was pretty good. I think it started off a little rough because I didn’t have much confidence starting, but once I got the hang of it I think it went pretty well. Being closer with the team and having that bond really helped on the court though, and made playing a lot easier especially as the season went on.”

As the Boys Basketball season comes to an end we’d like to congratulate them all and wish the team luck for their return next year. Go Dogs!