Senior Spotlight: Cheer


Jenny Brinton

Sasha Guerra and Dakota Hatcher at senior night

As the cheer season comes to an end we have had the privilege to interview the two seniors of this cheer season, Dakota Hatcher and Sasha Guerra. Dakota and Sasha were asked how their senior season went overall. Dakota said, “It went really well, this was my first year doing cheer and I really fell in love with it. The people were also really amazing and I loved being on the sideline hyping the game up.” Sasha adds, “This is also my first year doing cheer and it was a really fun new experience.” This season has been a great first year for both of our seniors. The memories will be hard to forget. Dakota says his favorite memory was “Doing really cool flips, tricks, and stunts right next to the student section. It was really exciting.” Sasha also tells us that “The stunts were really fun and catching people was also fun. I also loved throwing stuff into the crowd.” Every sport comes with many challenges and oppositions. Some challenges for the cheer team were “jumps and waking up early” says Sasha. Dakota adds, “These last two months of practicing our state routine over and over again was hard.” Sasha tells us, “It got annoying but in the long run it’s worth it.” What Dakota will miss the most is “The people inside and outside of cheer and getting appreciation from the other teams.” Sasha says she will miss “The bows and stuff because I’m not normally a girly person so doing that type of stuff was fun.” The seniors were asked if they plan on continuing their cheer skills in college. Dakota says “I do. Right now my top school is Western but I’m planning on opening up to more schools.” Sasha adds, “If I get to that point in life then I will think about it but not right now.” Sasha’s favorite thing about the Palisade cheer team is “the dedication.” Dakota’s favorite thing is “the coaches and the cheerleaders themselves, I’ve made so many really good friends and they’ve made it so much more fun.”

Wish Sasha and Dakota luck as they finish their senior cheer season!