Everybody v.s. Everybody


Mrs. Raper

Our teachers dressed up for the contest as Mario Carts.

Gather all your friends because this Halloween, the students are now allowed to participate in something that only used to be a teacher event. So that’s right my fellow students, you can now qualify to be in the costume contest,  students vs. teachers as long as you have a willing group of 5 dressed as one theme. 

Throughout the many years of the Halloween costume events, the math department with all the math teachers have repetitively taken the winning place. It’s no joke that they are in it to win it. Last year they took the win with the theme of being Disney princesses. The other departments are tired of being in the shadows and finally want to do something about it and take the win for themselves. 

The four main departments, history, science, math, and electives are all taking this year’s competition very seriously and are planning to win. Let me tell you each of them seemed like they are in it to win it. So be ready for this year’s competition because it seems like it’s going to be an exciting start of the day for Halloween. 

When going ahead and interviewing some of the departments, the undefeated math teachers were the first choice. Mr. Fredrick was the selected teacher, and he said, “Oh yeah the math teachers have already started on their costumes and their idea of what to do. I won’t be here on Halloween but I just know the math teachers are playing to win.” While not picking sides or anything, the math teachers definitely know what they’re doing. So let’s put an end to that parade and show them what us students are made of. 

Next department was history. Mrs. Burbach stated, “I wasn’t here for last year’s contest but I am definitely ready for this year. Our theme is historical figures, I’m not sure the students will know who we are but if winning is possible it would be nice.” 

                   Next up is electives with Mrs. Raper. She stated, “Oh we are definitely going out this year. We are playing to win and finally take 1st place in the contest. … A couple years ago we had amazing costumes but still unfortunately didn’t win, but we are going to change that.” Mrs. Raper’s department is mixed up with some other electives with some Spanish teachers. It’s more of an oddball group but that’s okay because they welcome everyone. 

                    Lastly, we have our science teachers. In this case Mr. Mohr was interviewed. When asked if he was excited he stated, “Oh you better believe it and we are gonna win. And let me just tell you it’s going to be very big and there’s going to be a lot of deaths involved in our skit and explosions as well. The fire department has already been contacted.” Including this, Mr. Mohr only plays to win so I am excited to see how this contest goes. So go to the lobby at lunch time to see this amazing skit. Also, don’t forget to dress up.