Enchanted April Is Here With Excitement

The 2022 fall play production presented by the PHS Drama is just around the corner, as they prepare to yet amaze the audience with their outstanding performance that awaits us. The fall play for this year is Enchanted April, with auditions that began on August the 23rd. Enchanted April is a play set in the 1920s, just after WWI. Two women who aren’t really happy with their lives and don’t get along with their husbands decide to rent a villa in Italy for a month. Interested in learning what happens next? Go see the play on October 20-22 at 7PM to find out. Tickets are $5 for students and $10 for adults. 

Ms. V is the theater teacher and director for the play. Ms. V said, “Typically from about the second or third week of school, through October, we are running 3 or 4 rehearsals a week for a couple of hours after school every single day.” With all of the hard work these students set aside for this play, you know it’s going to be an exceptional play. She continued to say, “I am always really excited to see how it comes together. I give them all of the pieces to make sure that the show is a success, but usually by the time the audience sees the show, everything is done by the students. I prep them and then it’s their turn to actually take what I have given them and put on the show.” Senior Aspen Czarnecki, the thespian president, said, “I absolutely adore this play. I think it’s a really cute, sweet little story, with a lot of fun little elements. I am getting really excited about it and I think it is going to go really well. We have put in a lot of time and effort into it, so I am crossing my fingers that it goes well.” After a great and successful play last year, the Palisade High School Drama is excited to see what they can do with this year’s fall play.