Palisade Paw Post First Annual Mullet Contest


Ally Seriani

Teagan Young posing for the mullet contest

In the past week, there has been a lot of hair combing happening in the boys bathroom as we prepared for our first annual Palisade High School mullet contest. There are many different stories on how mullets were invented. The story goes back to the early seventies when a man named Henri Mollet started the trendy hairstyle in the underground French dance scene. It evolved from a hair movement the Beatles started in 1964. The mullet has made its way back into the light in the 2020’s. With 7 boys in the running we asked our peers to vote on who they believe has the best mullet at Palisade High School. This last Tuesday when voting opened we watched as two contestants battled for the leading position. Teagan Young ended up winning with 10.2% more votes than the second place contestant. There is no question why Teagan won the contest given he has had a mullet since 2nd grade, meaning he has maintained a great looking hair style for almost 7 years. When asked why he chose to have a mullet he replied “My best friend and I wanted to look like twins.” Unlike his competition, Teagan uses a 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner and does not run a brush through his hair. With all his natural curls and no hair product needed, Teagan happily says “to have the best mullet you need to be good lookin.”