Dancing Under the Northern Lights


Nathan Umberger

Lily Taylor, Lexi Taylor, Lyla Lancaster, Sadie Bunker, and Gracie Ehart at the 2023 Winter Formal

A venue decorated with beautiful blue and silver tinsel and ribbon, hundreds of students in their nicest clothes dancing and singing to the upbeat music blasting from the speakers, and overall happiness all around. This is just a glimpse at our incredible 2023 winter formal, hosted on Saturday, February 4th at the Lincoln Park Barn. This incredible event was set up by our Student Council Bulldogs, specifically by the Sophomore class, who did the majority of the planning for this event. Ian Shiao, a freshman member of StuCo described the planning process as “very rigorous and meticulous.” He explained,  “I know Ava Pearson, who was the committee head of this dance, spent months panning it with her committee. They put a lot of thought and hard work into it.” The rest of our Student Council members were also very involved. They helped in selling the tickets to the student body, advertising the event, and setting up and tearing down the decorations. A main difference in our Winter Formal this school year was the location. Typically, this event is hosted at Palisade High School’s gym like homecoming. However, this year the sophomore’s wanted a change. They wanted the event to be more than just a school dance, so they decided to host it at the Lincoln Park Barn to invoke a more formal atmosphere. This step must have been a good choice as the dance went incredibly well. The turnout was great, and the students appeared to have had a lot of fun. This incredible dance would not have been possible without our thoughtful and hard-working Student Council. We’ll see you all at Prom!