Get Ready For Summer or Stay in Winter?


Jadyn Mullaney and Ally Seriani

Summer sunsets verses snowy mountains.

Why was the snowman sad? Because he had a meltdown. Along with the snowman, many other students at Palisade High School are sad that the winter months are coming to an end. A huge debate at Palisade has arisen with students debating between what season is better, summer or winter. 

Junior Keegan Seymour loves winter “Uh I really like skiing. It’s super fun.  I get to hang out with friends. It also creates a nice cold environment where I like to stay inside and watch movies.” Because we live in a state with so many mountains and lots of snow we are known for our skiing and snowboarding. Many students at our school love this outside sport and don’t want winter to end because of it. “I think there are certain activities that bring back a certain feeling like skiing or Christmas.” Around the holidays most people get an exciting feeling that they love. Many students love Christmas and Thanksgiving. As we move into spring many students start to prepare for next winter in hopes it will be as good as this last one.

Summertime is just around the corner and students and teachers are preparing for 100-degree weather and a fun summer. Senior Kyndall Toft says, “I like how warm and sunny it is.  I prefer summer over winter because winter makes everyone sad and depressed because they can’t go outside without being cold. It’s dark and gloomy and I don’t like the mood it brings with it. My favorite thing to do during the summer is to go out and play golf with my friends in the nice warm weather.” Swim season is a great season. Beach volleyball, going to the beach, vacations, water sports, and hiking are some of the student’s favorite things to do during the summertime. 

Are you ready for summertime or are you hoping the snow continues to fall?