Film Exposure Club Wraps up for the Year


The making of a film

There is so much that goes behind the scenes of every production. The film exposure club teaches students about what happens behind the scenes.

 Palisade High School’s film exposure club is wrapping up its second film of the year. This semester’s club started in February and it was held once a week for eight weeks. In those eight weeks, the students in the club were taught how to create a film. They were taught all of the details including screenwriting, filming, casting, editing, and so much more. Brielle Sorensen is a sophomore here at Palisade who joined the film exposure club this semester. She tells us that the film exposure club is, “A club for students who are considering getting involved in film and to see if they would want to pursue it as a career or just for kids who have no idea what film is.” The film exposure club teaches you almost everything you need to know about filmmaking. “It teaches you lots of things. It teaches you how to create a story, how to write a story, and then to develop that into a film, and cinematography, it’s just amazing.” Brielle goes into deeper detail explaining what to expect before joining the film exposure club. She says, “The club was every Thursday after school for two hours which is kind of long but it was fun. On the first day, we talked to each other and met the club members. In the second week, we started going into ideas, pursuing those ideas, and developing them. Then the third week we started screenwriting, which was my personal favorite because I love creating it. Then the fourth week we started production.”