The New King and Queen of England



Picture of Lauren Cox

On May 6, 2023, the new King and Queen of England were finally crowned. The event was full of joy and controversy throughout the night. King Charles III who is 74, and 75-year-old Queen Camilla were celebrated last Saturday with many guests who came to be a part of the momentous occasion. According to Buckingham Palace, over 2000 guests from around the world were invited. Charles was inaugurated into his position of sovereignty and Camilla was given the title of queen consort. Many celebrities made surprise appearances on the occasion. Some of these celebrities include Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Emma Thompson, who was made Dame by the late Queen Elizabeth II. Prince Charles, his wife Catherine, Princess of Wales, and their three children attended. Prince Harry also reportedly attended, although his wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex wasn’t. The First Lady, Jill Biden also attended to represent the U.S. 

Many controversies went around after the event. Some even say in videos and pictures you can see this figure resembling the grim reaper in the background. Many also said that it seemed tense between many of the family members throughout the event. The most tense was said to be the new King and Queen as seen in videos after the coronation in the carriage that took them away. 

Lauren Cox said, “I think everyone was really excited about the coronation because of the recent passing of the late queen. I didn’t watch a whole lot of it because it did tend to be a little boring for me. I did hear about the grim reaper conspiracy and I thought it was really funny what people were concluding.”