All This Construction


Angela Luk

Picture of the construction project to widen the road on 24 Road

The construction on 24 Road in Clifton, Colorado has been ongoing for quite some time now. The project involves widening and repaving the road to improve traffic flow and safety. One of the major pros of this construction is that it will increase the capacity of the road, allowing more cars to travel through at a faster pace. This will reduce congestion during peak hours and make commuting easier for residents.
Something positive Emily had to say about the construction is, “The construction does kind of like helps me keep in line because a lot of the times getting off F Road and going into Patterson through Clifton I have a bad habit of maybe going a little to fast because I already going 50 on F road and then going 30 on Clifton part of it I usually don’t do that, so it does help me keep in line.”
However, there are also cons to this project. The construction has caused significant disruptions to businesses along 24 Road, as customers have difficulty accessing their locations due to blocked entrances and detours. Additionally, the noise and dust from the construction can be bothersome for nearby residents. Overall, while the improvements to 24 Road will benefit drivers in the long run, it is important to consider the negative impacts it may have on local businesses and residents during construction.
As Emily Shamblin said in an interview, “Even though I take the freeway to school daily, the construction has been going on for such a long time that I am constantly stuck in the effects of it. Although I feel that every time one project ends another one begins and it is just a constant cycle.” So Emily thinks that all this construction is basically not necessary.