Palisade Paw Post: Evil Dead Rise Review


The original Evil Dead 1981. Credit: @MacQ on Flickr.

“Mommy’s with the maggots now” is what I vividly repeated after leaving the theater. With a chilling new story following the classic horror film comes Evil Dead Rise, the fifth film in the franchise. The story follows two sisters who reunite but unlike the original set in a cabin, this story is set in an apartment complex. The reunion is cut short when a powerful demon takes over one of the sisters, causing terror and the battle for survival for the other sister and the kids. There were some jump scenes that frightened me from time to time, but compared to the original this was nothing. Personally, the best part about this movie was the title screen because the editing was original and terrifying. Skinning someone with a cheese grater or tattooing blood into someone’s eyes were also a few examples of some uncomfortable scenes that made me squirm. The soundtrack, the makeup, the editing, and the scary voice overs of those who got possessed are all contributions to this horror movie that hasn’t left my mind yet. Whether this is a good or bad thing, I’m not so sure. Yes, I was scared from time to time but in all honesty this just can’t compare to the original 1981 film that terrified me to death. But, I will say the Evil Dead franchise is still alive and provides new original content for its fans compared to other franchises today. Overall, a decent movie. Plus, it was only 90 minutes! 

Stars: 3/5