Fun Night in Texas Ends in Tragedy

At what was supposed to be a fun after-party to celebrate prom, tragedy struck. At least 9 teenagers were shot just after midnight this past weekend in Jasper Texas. Police say that there were over 250 people at the party when the shooting occurred, so finding a suspect has been hard. So far no one has come forward and no suspects or motives have been found explaining this sad occurrence, but luckily none of the victims were killed or left with life-threatening injuries. There was a second shooting in Jasper just a few hours later that the police say might have been connected, but nothing has been announced for sure. This circumstance sparks the question about how safe Prom, and school dances in general are. The biggest danger facing kids after spending the night on the dancefloor is usually the use of alcohol and drugs which can lead to car accidents and nights in the hospital or worse death. From a survey taken by Psychology Today over 53% of teenagers admitted to ingesting alcohol on Prom night although way more are expected to. 

Ashley Roten, a freshman at Palisade, had this to say about her time at prom, “I would say I had a good time. I went with my cousin and one of her friends. The way you entered prom was a little like going through security’s metal detector at an airport, so it felt very safe. I would tell people to make sure they are going with people they can trust. Also, arrange a safe ride/place to go after prom prior to leaving your house.”

The Jasper Texas incident is just another reminder to be aware of the dangers on the supposedly carefree, fun night of prom.