Live Above Assembly



Live Above T-shirt designed by Lynessa Asplund

Last Saturday, April 15, Palisade High School had its 2022-2023 school year prom. One of the most important steps leading up to our high school prom is our Live Above assembly. The school hosts the assembly to raise awareness for teen drunk driving to prevent driving under the influence accidents at prom. Morgan Montgomery was in charge of planning, setting up, and running the assembly. She is a sophomore at Palisade and a member of our Student Council. Part of her task was creating shirts for the assembly, which she asked her StuCo team to draw up. Lynessa Asplund designed the t-shirts, and the team went through our very own art teacher Jeff Moore to create the t-shirts. The assembly had a depiction of a statistic to create awareness of how many lives are truly lost to drunk driving. Every 15 minutes, someone in the world dies from a drunk driving incident. The team calculated how many kids would have died in Palisade due to drunk driving using that same statistic, which was around 40 kids. The team chose 40 kids at random to wear the shirts and sit in the middle of the gymnasium to represent the lives that are lost. Montgomery was also in charge of selecting a public speaker and creating a video to help show the students the true seriousness of the topic. Police officer Kevin Bavor spoke at the assembly, giving another perspective on the tragedy. Our Palisade High School film team also created the Live Above video. Montgomery wrote the whole script, and the shot list, and located the main characters to get them involved. The main actors were Ivana Ceballos, Hannah Kasnoff, and Morgan DeGeorge. The video showed typical teen partying and the effects of drunk driving and included a real 911 call with an actual operator to raise awareness. Drunk driving kills, and it was incredibly important to do everything we can to raise awareness of this, especially the weekend before prom. Both the dance and the assembly ran smoothly, and the students stayed safe. Thanks to our Student Council for creating this assembly to raise awareness, and thank you to our students for making wise decisions at prom. Stay safe Bulldogs and live above.