Girl’s Lacrosse is going strong

Girls lacrosse is now halfway through its season! With the head coach, Maddie Hathaway and assistant coach, Morgan Holloway, the varsity girls have been very successful this season. Since the season has started they are now 3rd in their league, with 2 wins and 2 losses these girls are working hard to remain in the top 3 of their league. Their overall win and losses throughout the season are solid. Being at 4-5 with all but one loss by 1 point. As of today, Thursday, April 20th the girls are headed to play Durango, looking for another win. One of their wins so far this season has been a total wipeout, beating Montrose 15-0. Hopefully, they keep their momentum going. As for JV they have not been as successful, but are still working hard. They have 1 loss in their league, but overall they have 1 win, 1 tie, and 4 losses. Some of these losses were not by a lot and they still had a chance to win but just couldn’t find the opening. They have been creating opportunities and have been working their hardest to get the outcome they want. JV player #27 Dylan McNally stated, “We all have good chemistry and work well together. We just need to create more opportunities in the games we play, but honestly, I’m exited for the rest of the season, and next year!” Girls lacrosse both JV and varsity have been working their hardest to get the outcome they want, even if it’s not what they expected, with most of them being from different schools their teamwork and grit during a game is impressive.