Are Transgender Rights Being Taken Away?

Anti-trans bills have doubled since 2022. Since January state legislators have introduced more than 400 anti-trans bills, that’s a bigger number than the past 4 years combined. States like Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri have introduced 35+ antitransgender bills. While other states (including Colorado) have introduced 0-3. While these states may not be safe at the moment for transgender people, they will be the safest if bills are passed in other states. Palisade student Izaiah Jones states, “I don’t understand why others are so obsessed with what transgender people do. If they end up regretting it, let them. It’s not others business to tell other’s what and what not to do. They aren’t hurting anyone when they transition so just let them live their life.” As of April 14, legislators have introduced more than 400 such bills, compared to around 156 last year. At least 29 bills that have been introduced this year have become law. Greatly surpassing 2022. Most of the bills are similar to the ones last year, being restriction on sports and transgender youth. But new targets also emerged such as drag shows/queens and gender-affirming care for adults. These laws being passed are really upsetting some, and others think it’s a necessity. You could ask 100 people about this topic and you could get 100 different answers. With these laws passing and getting introduced it’s difficult to understand where each other is standing. As a High School and a community let’s try to hear all sides and listen to one another’s opinion.