Girls’ Tennis Season Has Taken Off


Mrs. Cox

Photo of Lauren Cox Playing Tennis

As Spring has been blossoming, so have the Spring Sports. This includes the Girls’ Tennis season. The season has been going on since the end of February and the girls have all had many successful matches throughout the few weeks. The season ends in early May, so the team still has about a month left in the season.

Lauren Cox, a freshman at Palisade and a JV player said, “I’ve been playing for about a year and a half. The season started on February 27th, so we’ve been playing for quite some time together as a team. The season personally has been going well. The only match I lost was the first one I played and the rest my partner and I have always won by a lot. The highlights of the season have been the JV practices because sometimes we will get to listen to music and socialize with each other. It’s been really fun to be a part of a team and become closer with so many girls I didn’t know before this. I think some of the weaknesses so far with the team though, is not being aggressive enough, especially the first-time players, and our strengths are the varsity girls with their experience and the way that they think about the game. I’m going to be really sad when the season is over because it’s become so much to me and I’ve grown close to many girls I didn’t know before playing for the school.”

The girls’ tennis team is doing well so far, and we wish them the best for the rest of the season.