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Introducing Palisades New Drum Majors

Ava and Owen holding their drum major academy certificates

As the curtains rise on a new school year, the spotlight falls on Palisade High School’s marching band, and at the helm stand two exceptional young leaders: Owen Dean and Ava Fricke. Their journeys, perspectives, and shared passion for music weave a harmonious narrative of leadership and camaraderie that promises to define the band’s journey ahead.
Owen Dean, a spirited member of the marching band, embarked on his drum major role with a blend of excitement and determination. Despite his limited experience, Owen’s resilience shines through as he navigates the challenges each day presents. “We’re doing our best with it,” he affirms, a testament to the team’s collective spirit. Owen’s motivation is deeply rooted in his love for marching band, an enthusiasm that radiates and uplifts the entire ensemble. He candidly admits the nuances of mastering conducting surprised him, underscoring the importance of tireless practice and unwavering dedication.
For Owen, the drum major’s mantle comes with a responsibility beyond the baton. He underscores the significance of maintaining a positive attitude, recognizing its contagious effect on the band’s morale. His advice to aspiring drum majors is concise yet profound: “Find your passion.” This passion fuels the commitment and perseverance needed for success, especially given the extensive hours of practice demanded outside school hours.
Complementing Owen’s exuberance is Ava Fricke, stepping into her first year as a Drum Major with an air of fresh perspective. Her approach emphasizes collaboration and trust, leaning on section leaders and the director to seamlessly manage the intricate moving parts of the band. Ava’s enthusiasm for music is palpable, an ever-present force that ensures her commitment to each performance never falters. “It’s impossible not to be enthusiastic,” her genuine love for music acting as a wellspring of energy.
In the realm of leadership, effective communication ranks high for Ava. Building strong personal connections with peers is her strategy, recognizing that people are more inclined to follow those they consider friends. Her emphasis on camaraderie mirrors the marching band’s familial spirit—a belief that a united band is a harmonious one. When facing the pressures of leadership, Ava draws strength from conversations with fellow drum majors and section leaders, turning to them for support and solace.
Balancing their roles as drum majors with academic pursuits and other commitments is a shared challenge for Owen and Ava. Owen, who wholeheartedly dedicates himself to the band, acknowledges the far-reaching influence of a drum major’s mood on the entire ensemble. Ava, admits that balance is elusive, especially in the demanding International Baccalaureate program.
In the symphony of Palisade High School’s marching band, Owen Dean and Ava Fricke’s roles as drum majors are destined to be the crescendo. Their individuality, coupled with their shared love for music and a sense of togetherness, promises a season of unity and triumph. Owen’s positivity and Ava’s reliance on relationships will undoubtedly guide the band to deliver remarkable performances under their steadfast leadership.

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