Girls Lacrosse Update


By: Brielle Sorensen

Ally Craig (sophomore).

“Soccer but with a stick.” That’s what most people refer to as the game of lacrosse, but it’s more than that. Being a combination of different sports including basketball, hockey, and of course soccer, this unique sport takes lots of talent and dedication. “I just love the sport,” says Ally Craig, “it’s a fun game and the team is great.” Ally is a sophomore at Palisade and this is her second year playing lacrosse. She is on the JV team and says their season is going great as they have lost one and won two. The Varsity team is also doing well with the same percentage of wins and losses. But Ally wants people to know that this isn’t just a game of “soccer with a stick,” it’s different combinations of different sports and it can be very challenging once you get the hang of it. She also wants the rest of her JV season to go well while having fun, and she wishes the best for Varsity as she hopes they will eventually make it to State. “There’s a lot of new girls this year,” she says, “but it’s okay because everybody’s welcome and it’s a great first sport to try.” Because Palisade is so small, the Lady Bulldogs team up with Grand Junction, Central, and Plateau Valley to create a team. Practices are every day after school at Central. Having to travel to practice directly after a seven hour school day takes a lot of dedication, something all these girls have. We wish the best of luck to the Girls Lacrosse Bulldogs and that their season is a success!