Weather Changing Rapidly Throughout the Week


Hayleigh Wing

Mt. Garfield after all the snow had melted.

On Sunday night a late March snowstorm dumped several inches of snow. Ice and snow have made road travel very difficult for many drivers across the state. It’s said that for the rest of the week, the weather will be particularly dry. Then for the rest of the week, it has been in the 50s-60s. A student at Palisade Maddy Bay stated, “I’m done with winter, I’m ready for it to be spring.” Most people are disappointed by the Weather and wish it was the spring season already, but for others, this extended winter is all they could wish for! Especially those who snowboard and ski. Powderhorn has extended its winter season by a week, ending it on April 9th. Beating their longest ski season record. Powderhorn has reported 342 inches of snow so far this year and continues to get more. According to snow reports, Powderhorn is still due for another 20 inches of snow over the next 10 days. Bay stated “It’s awesome that Powderhorn is getting an extended season! But, I’m ready for some warm weather and for plants to start growing” The weather being all over the place is no surprise to Colorado residents, but we’re ready for some sunshine. It is said that by April it should start warming up, but it seems to be more toward the middle to end part of that month. With the weather being so unpredictable it’s hard to say when we are actually going to have some warmth. Let’s all hope that it stops snowing and starts warming up.