Swim Team Has Successful Time At State


Denise Thompson

State Swim Team

The 11 girls that made it to State had a very successful experience, and a great way to tie their season up. There were 10 swimmers and 1 diver, 7 of which came from Palisade. They traveled to Denver to compete with the best swimmers in the state. The team took 15th out of the 30 teams that competed. Lily Rath, a Senior at Palisade, dove in the High School State Championship Meet for the first time in the 4 years she has been on the team, and competed with 40 other divers. Amara Nowark, a Senior from Palisade participated in the Unified 50 freestyle and competed against the 5 other girls in that event. Elli Door, Mallory Cawood, Ryan Pomeroy, Mckinley Baum, Olivia Lagner, and Kylie Mull competed in the 200-medley relay and made it back the next day for finals, placing 19th overall. Mckinley, Ryan, Elli, and Emily also competed in the 200 free relay, and placed 19th place over once again. Abby Price, Olivia Langner, Mallory Cawood, and Whitney Stortz swam the 400 free relay and placed 11th overall. Mallory Cawood swam the 200 free, and the 100 fly. Whitney Stortz placed 8th overall in the 50 freestyle, and 5th overall in the 100 freestyle. Emily Hardin, Abby Price, and Olivia Lagner also competed in the 50 free, but sadly didn’t go back for finals. Kylie Mull swam the 100 breaststroke and placed 13th overall. 

Denise Thompson, the coach of the Grand Junction Girls’ Swim Team said, “It was really a good meet. I’m glad we took all these girls, especially all of these seniors that were able to go.”

We are proud of all the hard work the girls’ swim team put in this year and glad they tied their season off nicely at State!