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2024 Nominees Next in Line Road to the white house

Annette Anderson casts a ballot at Precinct 1 inside the Traverse City Fire Department Station

As the 2024 presidential election is only 250 days away, three main candidates are still in the presidential race: President Joe Biden, former President Donald Trump, and former Governor for South Carolina, Nikki Haley. These three candidates are currently in the midst of the 2024 primaries.


The former governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley, is running in the Republican primary as a candidate for the party’s presidential nomination in the 2024 election. However, her prospects remain bleak, having lost each of the five primaries held thus far, with Donald Trump winning all Republican primaries. Currently, Trump has secured 110 delegates, while Haley has only managed to obtain 20, placing her chance of winning the Republican primaries at a mere 10%. Despite losing many states, some speculate that Haley is still running to be a candidate for Trump’s vice president, although she has denied this claim, stating that she is a voice for dissatisfied voters. According to US Today, Haley contends that Trump cannot win against Joe Biden, and she is the only hope for the Republican Party to win the 2024 presidential election. A recent poll indicates that over 70% of Americans do not want either Trump or Biden to win. Super Tuesday, which will host the Democratic and Republican primaries in five states, including in Colorado, is fast approaching, and Haley hopes to convince voters in Colorado of her candidacy. Though Haley’s chances of winning remain slim, she remains optimistic that something might occur to propel her past Trump.


Joseph R. Biden Jr. is the current President of the United States, having been elected in 2020 with a lead of 4.5 percentage points against the incumbent, Donald Trump. Although his chances of re-election are becoming increasingly slim, his disapproval rating is currently 55.2%, according to Newsweek. , most states exhibit disapproval ratings of the President. One of the most significant issues that has plagued the Biden administration is his age. According to a recent poll conducted by Ipsos’ Knowledge Panel, 86% of Americans believe that the 81-year-old President is too old to serve another term in office. This has been one of the most pressing concerns of Biden’s presidency, as he has had instances where he has struggled to articulate his thoughts or even recall them in public. A special council investigation led by Robert Mueller found that Biden had lost classified documents. Still, he recommended against pressing charges, citing Biden’s sympathetic and well-meaning nature as an elderly man with a poor memory. This investigation has only added to the concerns about Biden’s age and his ability to fulfill his duties as President. Biden has acknowledged these concerns, but he maintains that his experience makes him an excellent President. Nonetheless, many people continue to doubt his capabilities, and some speculate that Vice President Kamala Harris may assume the presidency if Biden is unable to complete his term. The next election’s outcome will reveal whether these concerns will affect Biden’s chances of retaining the presidency.


The ongoing legal proceedings against former president Donald Trump characterize the current political climate in the United States. Following his loss in the 2020 election, Trump has been facing numerous challenges that have further eroded his standing with the American public. Over 51% of Americans currently view Trump unfavorably, and recent polling shows that he is only narrowly ahead of his opponent, Joe Biden. 


Since leaving office, Trump has been embroiled in various legal and political controversies. Of particular concern are allegations that he incited a riot on January 6th, 2021, with the intent of overturning the 2020 election. Trump is currently facing charges related to this event, as well as a range of other criminal and civil cases. The most serious of these charges include election interference and conspiracy to defraud the United States. 


The severity of these charges is not lost on the American public, with a majority of citizens indicating that each of the four cases against Trump is at least somewhat serious. Specifically, 44% of Americans believe that the federal election and Jan. 6 charges are very serious. 


This ongoing legal turmoil has significantly impacted Trump’s chances of reelection. Despite this, he remains in a neck-to-neck race with Joe Biden for the presidency. However, given the severity of the charges against him and the public’s response to these allegations, it remains to be seen whether Trump will be able to regain the support of enough voters to win the election.


As the primary elections proceed, many individuals express concern that a candidate who attempted to overturn the election or an elderly individual who may struggle to fulfill their duties could potentially become the president. There is a desire for a fresh and younger candidate who can more readily relate to the upcoming generation. 


Upon interviewing Julian regarding the election, he expressed his belief that both candidates have a fair chance of winning. He stated that he has no issues with either candidate, but he wishes to see younger candidates who can better connect with the next generation.


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