End of the year start of a new one

I was very grateful to be a part of the Palisade Paw Post this year. The environment is amazing and welcoming and has helped me grow personally and academically. This year I was able to participate in the newspaper as the news editor. I was very thankful for this position and the responsibilities that the job came with. This year has had its ups and downs, but Mr. Franklin has always been there to help us through them. 

With journalism, I like to be in it because it helps me get more involved with the school. I have always had a love for finding random people that I have to interview. When I first started at the newspaper I had no idea what to expect of it. I came into the class with no journalism experience but Mr. Franklin still welcomed me with open arms. And since then I have grown as a reporter and a writer. The experience it gives you and the ability to talk to people, without fear, and with confidence.

I have had some rough patches with newspaper work. Such as getting my stories done on time and in the upload folder. And also selling an ad. I have seemed to realize that I have the skills to get the contact information but never actually get to sell an ad. I want to be able to grow from that and be better next year.

With this upcoming year of the newspaper, I have had the opportunity to take the position of editor and chief. And all though I had some weary thoughts about rejoining the newspaper Mr. Franklin had been able to convince me to come back next year and take it over along with Keegan. I want to keep up the excellent work throughout my senior year. I want to be able to help the newspaper grow and be able to have everyone in the school experience it.