NHS Induction


NHS Inductees 2023-2024. Photo provided by Sean Kennedy.

National Honors Society (NHS) is a nationwide organization for high school students to participate in community service activities and engage in the community. All students involved must maintain a GPA of 3.5 or higher. This is a widely recognized program and looks very good on college applications. NHS is a big deal and a major accomplishment for students everywhere. The new years members were recently inducted last Wednesday on May 3, and are excited to take on this new role of leadership. “This is the beginning for these new students to excel further and show support for the community,” says one of the advisors Sean Kennedy, “I wish the best to all of them.” Following a short ceremony of lighting candles, each new member received a sunflower to commemorate a new chapter. Family and friends attended as these students received their flowers. Mrs. Scroggins, the school librarian and one of the advisors in charge of NHS for the last 12 years, also shared a few words as she is retiring. They welcomed Jennie Stout who will be a part of the NHS advisory committee. Afterwards, everyone celebrated with some peach poppy seed cake and other treats. It was a fun and special night to honor these students who are dedicated to the community. The Inductees for the 2023-2024 year include Sophia Ballard (11), Akelia Calkins (11), Ila Graham (12), Morgan Montgomery (11), Hayden Pirela (11), Lilly Preston (12), Yuray Ramirez-Martinez (10), Ian Shiao (10), Zoanne Smith (10), Brielle Sorensen (11), Katelyn Spalding (10), Mila Stepan (11), Gabriela Suazo (10), Leah Talbott (10), and Sedona Zoobi (11). This was a very professional ceremony and we congratulate everyone who is involved in NHS and wish the best of luck to the new members!