Last Game Before Playoffs

The girls’ soccer team season is sadly coming close to an end as their last game of the season is later this week. The girls’ previous game and win was against Steamboat and many of the girls agree that the team is working together better as the season has gone on. Kate Fricke, a freshman and Varsity player said, “It was a great game, we stepped it up. We really battled the strength of the other team.”

Their last game and a ticket to the playoffs is on Saturday at Long’s Park against Summit. The pressure is on, but the team has confidence in their playing as they’ve beaten Summit before. Fricke said, “We have one last game which is against Summit. If we win that we’ll make it to the playoffs. I think we’re going to do really well. Summit was our first away game and they’re going to be our last game too. We beat them the first time while we weren’t playing our best. We’ve gotten so much better, so I think it’ll be fun to see the improvement in our playing.  If we make it to the playoffs we would play random teams around Colorado that also qualified. If you lose in any of the games you’re out of the bracket. I think we can definitely get to the playoffs because of how well we’ve been playing together as a team. I definitely think that as we’ve gotten closer it’s been easier to play with each other.

Another exciting event would occur if they won the Saturday Game. Fricke said, “If we win the game on Saturday that would also mean we’re league champions which we haven’t done since 2017.”

We wish the girls luck at their last game and their ticket into the playoffs. Go Dogs!