Students Pushing to Ban Assault Weapons In the Colorado State



Interview picture of Ilish Karriker and Wyatt Johnson

Students in Colorado were protesting to start pushing for a ban on assault weapons in the Colorado state capital. The movement was driven by the tragic mass shooting that happened earlier that year at a local high school. The students were determined to make their voices heard and put an end to gun violence in their communities. They organized rallies and protests, met with lawmakers, and shared their stories of how gun violence has affected them personally.
Their efforts paid off as Colorado became one of the first states to pass a comprehensive ban on assault weapons. This victory gave hope to other student-led movements across the country that were also fighting against gun violence. It showed that when young people come together and demand change, they can make a real difference in their communities and beyond.
In an interview with Wyatt Johnson, he stated, “I’m kind of with it, but I’m also against it because you know I get it trying to solve the problem of school shootings, but at the same time there are better things we could do to stop the overuse of assault weapons and to prevent the weapons from being available on hand. So not to ban them but to put them in a place where they aren’t easily accessible.” When asked if he thinks gun affects people personally he said, “Yes I do think so, because I myself have been personally affected by it, and I know other people who have been affected by it, and even the victims of school shootings have been affected.”
To add to this, Ilish Karriker stated, “I feel like the topic of banning guns or assault weapons is a very controversial topic and there could be many opinions on whether the college students are doing the right thing. Although I do feel like they should make assault weapons harder to access on a regular daily basis and do background checks and limit anyone from getting a weapon.”