The Avalanche Eliminated from NHL Playoffs

The playoffs take a bad turn for the Colorado Avalanche hockey team. After two losses in the playoffs so far, the Avalanche had to win their game against the Seattle Kraken, they kept up in the game but fell short 2-1 once the game was over what a sad sight to see as hockey fans, especially after their victory last year at the Stanley Cup. Kraken scored the first goal of the win Oliver Bjorkstrand found the back of the net in the second period less than four minutes later, he found it once again giving Seattle a 2-0 advantage. Colorado fought hard and got a goal, scored by Mikko Rantanen. The Avalanche also scored a hopeful goal in the third period. In the end, though, this goal did not count. Palisade student Aiden Bain stated, “I’m not even disappointed in their performance, I’m just mad.” For it had been overturned and called offside after the Kraken had challenged it. After this loss, the avalanche season has been cut short, and they will no longer make an appearance in the remaining games of the Stanley Cup. Bain added, “I’m just surprised how early they got knocked out, especially after winning last year.” Avalanche fans have grown upset especially, after hoping for another cup two years in a row. They are very disappointed and believed that their team could do it, so seeing them getting knocked out this soon is disappointing. With so many players missing the Avalanche still played well, and hopefully, they will bounce back next season and will give it all they got. When they come back next season the other teams better watch out, because they will not take a loss this soon so lightly.