Drive In: First of the Spring Semester


Sabrina Landman

Ema Babnic, Lilly Mcevoy, Siena Guzman-Newton, Brittany VillaValenzuela, Sofia Reitz, Grace McAnany, Sarah Foster, Sami Macdonald, and Sabrina Landman at the drive-in

     One of our favorite school events here at Palisade is our drive-in movies. There’s nothing more fun than watching a movie with your friends, especially with great snacks and food around. Last Friday, April 21, we had our first drive-in of the spring semester. Our incredible Student Council team set up the movie, and contacted a local smoothie bowl truck, Nomad Bowlz, to provide food for the students at the movie. The planning and preparation for the movie included nominating movies within StuCo and taking those nominations to the student body through the PHS spirit Instagram. The day of the drive in the movie StuCo was split into small committees which each had their own role in setting up. There were a few different technical errors with the movie, but overall everything worked out well. “The movie ran smoothly without any buffering or technical errors. The live-action diary of a wimpy kid was not played as planned due to some confusion and difficulty differentiating between the 6 movies, so instead we played the claymation version.” Says Morgan Montgomery, a sophomore member of our Palisade Student Council. Montgomery has been in StuCo for two years and is going on her third. The drive-in went incredibly well, and all of our students had fun and stayed safe. A special thanks to our Student Council for setting up this movie for our students, and to Nomad Bowls for providing food for the event. As the weather warms up, there should be more drive-ins in the future. We’ll see you next time!