Colorado West Music

The 98th annual Colorado West Music was a success for our Bulldogs. On April 19-21, Orchestras gave it their all, while on the 20-22 it was time for the Band and Choirs. Schools from around the district have taken part in this festival. Both middle and high school students were invited, and gave a performance! Our very own Bulldogs awards conclude, outstanding concert band director (Jeff Mason), Outstanding Full Orchestra, Outstanding Treble Choir, Outstanding Tenor/Bass Choir, Outstanding Mixed Choir, Outstanding Jazz Combo, and lastly,  Outstanding Show Choir. 166 groups from across the state journeyed to Grand Junction, Palisade, or Central high school to perform. Palisade student Karizma Woodard stated, “It was a lot of fun being able to participate in something like this, it was a good opportunity to learn about our skills and even teamwork wise.” Taking part in this event shows the talent of the schools around Colorado and is important for schools to show what they got! Our Bulldogs definitely showed off their hard work and talent to impress. In order to participate in the event schools must earn an invitation. These are given to the schools that seem to be in the best interest of the event, and those who will perform well. Woodard added, “I was definitely impressed with how many “Outstanding” awards we received as a school, everyone is so talented. I’m excited to see where next year takes us and even the years after that.” Everyone who took part in Colorado West Music showed off their strengths and talent and gave it their all! Congratulations to all the students who participated and especially well done to those who have done an outstanding job.