Is The Vaccine Causing Side Effects?

3 years later and we are still worrying about Covid and vaccinations. But, thousands of people have said they have developed tinnitus after their Covid vaccine. Should we be concerned? While there’s no proof yet that the vaccine has put them in this condition, there is a possible link that researchers have found. Shaowen Bao, a researcher at the University of Arizona, believes that inflammation in the brain and spinal cord may be to blame. Bao has studied tinnitus for over a decade. A Facebook group that had developed a notice after the Covid shot convinced Bao to look into it more. When he spoke with them some of their cases were severe. Along with the common ringing in the ear some other symptoms include headaches, dizziness, vertigo, ear pain, anxiety and depression. With further research, he realized that people developed tinnitus after the first dose rather than the second. His research is not done yet. Bao is still researching and analyzing his results and will come out with a statement when he can. Palisade student Hailee Holm stated “That’s weird. I know plenty of people who have gotten the vaccine and it’s kind of concerning…” People have predicted side effects from the Covid vaccine but they were not expecting this. People were cautious because the vaccine came along so quickly compared to others, and it turns out maybe they were right to be not sure at first. Hopefully this is just some superstition, with some coincidences and the vaccine doesn’t have any side effects that could harm us, but only time will tell. Stay safe Bulldogs!