DP Banquet


PHS IB Diploma Seniors 2023. Credit: Mr. Moore.

Palisade is known for many things from athletes with powerful game, to kind-hearted students with a motivated drive. But one of these notable things that makes Palisade unique is the IB Program. IB, or International Baccalaureate, is a program that is offered at Palisade that provides students with necessary tools they need to succeed. This program is recognized at Universities worldwide and those who complete the program can gain lots of college success. It’s a challenging course with high level-classes, including Spanish or French which you must be fluent in by the end of the program. All this hard work and dedication has finally paid off.

This year’s Diploma Program (DP) graduates have succeeded at the program and are almost finished. In order to honor them, Palisade has a banquet for all these students to showcase their hard work and dedication to the program over these two years. “I’m happy it’s over and all this hard work I put into it is finally paying off,” says senior Zenon Reece. “These two years have been a blast and all the friends I’ve made are like my family.” On Wednesday the 26th at six o’clock, the students showcased their CAS (Creativity, Activity, and Service) projects, which are large projects they work on over the year to make a difference. The DP teachers gave out awards to the students who flourished the most in different areas of classes. Halfway through the awards, five of the IB students showcased their musical talents in a musical performance including Wyatt DeFord, Taylor Mosby, Nicholas Triest, Zenon Reece and Dominic Fletcher. Awards for Literature, Language, History, Sciences, Mathematics, and Arts and Business Management were given.

After all the awards were presented, the students gave back to the teachers with gifts to celebrate them as well. It was a lovely evening full of celebrations for students who put in everything these last two years, and for teachers who have done the same as well. Throughout the evening, PHS Family and Consumer Science culinary students under the direction of Mrs. Talley prepared food and desserts. It was a wonderful night and we say congratulations to our IB seniors who successfully completed the program!


2023 IB Diploma Students: 

Emma Aubert

Violet Balestrieri

Logan Bankert

Deniz Bean

Attira Buck

Alexis Cardenas 

Mallory Cawood

Dillon Cogley

Maria Cordova

Dawson David

Wyatt DeFord

Morgan DeGeorge

Liam Ferguson

Emma Flanagan

Katherine Flanagan

Carlos Gonzales-Quintero

Ella Kindall

Charlotte King

Mataya Licata

Grace Miley

Taryn Miller

Taylor Mosby

Zenon Reece

Paolo Reitz

Anna Respet

Bailey Rubinstein

Hudson Seeman

Brian Segers

David Sleigh

Nicholas Triest

Maya Znamenacek