Soccer Season Filled With Wins!


Landon Balding

Photo of Bulldog girls in a huddle

The girls’ soccer season this Spring has been filled with many victories and celebrations from the team. The season has been going strong since February and is sadly coming close to the end as their last home soccer games are scattered throughout the next two weeks. 

Kate Fricke, a freshman and Varsity soccer player said this about the season, “The season so far as a whole has been pretty good. I’ve played mostly in the midfield this year, and have rotated positions within that area. In the last game, we did win, but it was a close one. We won off of Jordan’s free kick from about 30 yards out which went soaring into the left part of the net. Our back line also stopped their attack and our forwards were very fast which helped us win the game. The highlights of the season so far have probably been staying first in the league for most of the season. Our strengths are probably just the team in general- we’ve got a very good group of girls that know what they’re doing. Our weaknesses are probably just our communication and how the team sometimes gets a little flustered during the games. We’ll be in the spot to play in the playoffs if we win our next three league games. It’s been a little rocky, but I think we can do it. As Coach Raul says, you start off playing good and then you start storming and that’s when the team gets a little frustrated, but I now think we’re back in the norming phase which means we’re working together and playing hard.”

The girl’s JV team has also been playing hard this past season and has also had numerous wins for the school. 

After the Varsity game win last Monday against Coal Ridge, the great staff at Palisade High School was recognized as the great role models that help students on and off the field. Everyone there could tell it was a beautiful moment watching all the adults that make such a difference in these kids’ lives get recognized.

Freshman and JV Soccer player, Claire Powell, said this about her season so far, “I’ve been playing soccer for around 9 years and I’ve loved it. My favorite part about soccer in general is improving and watching the team improve. I play forward, but I’ve more recently been playing midfield. The season so far has been fun and Varsity is doing fantastic! JV is having more trouble but is improving. The highlight of the season for me is meeting new people and becoming better at soccer as well as getting to play swing. The strengths of the team are for sure communication and teamwork, and the weakness is probably just the hard running, and playing a whole game is strenuous. There were supposed to be 4 more games, but the one tomorrow got canceled because we are short on girls, so now there’s only three.”

As the JV and Varsity season keeps raining with victories, we wish the Bulldogs luck in their final games and their journey to playoffs!