Central Gets Shut Down


Hayleigh Wing

A “school closed” design made on Canva

Late on the night of April 4th local law enforcement and District 51 received a Safe2Tell tip about a potential shooting that could take place at Central High School, they collectively decided to cancel school for the safety of the students. Apparently, they also felt that the threat could end up being a danger towards other schools near Central, which is the reason behind all the officers at our school on April 5th. The same day school was canceled for Central students it was determined that the threat made against the campus was not credible. With the investigation, law enforcement found a social media picture that was circulated the night they got the Safe2Tell tip. The post consisted of an unidentified person holding what looked like some sort of weapon. With further investigation law enforcement found out that the post was not credible either. The picture in question was used in previous years and was circulated as long as five years ago in New Mexico, New Mexico. When they identified the threat they found out it was already handled by New Mexico state law years ago. Kenidee Calton sophomore at Central high school stated, “I think the situation was handled very well because when this threat was brought to attention everyone was very quick to act on it.” Law enforcement has stated that whoever has been circulating the picture could be charged due to the false information that was given. Calton added on, “My honest reaction to school being canceled was fear and relief. I had seen a few post about it the night before, and I wasn’t sure if it was going to be taken seriously or if it was even real.” As for the Safe2Tell tip there’s not much they can do, given that it is anonymous and phone numbers are not traceable. Today the classes in Central will resume, along with any other schools that were affected by the threat.