Paw Post Movie Insider: The Super Mario Bros. Review


Focus photo of Super Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi figurines. Taken by @Pixabay on Pexels

“Peaches, Peaches, Peaches, Peaches, Peaches. . .” sings Bowser voiced by comedian Jack Black in the new hit Super Mario Bros. movie. Following the two iconic brothers as they journey to stop the evil Bowser from taking over the world, the movie is a big hit at the box office. With a stellar cast including Chris Pratt voicing Mario, Charlie Day as Luigi, Anya-Taylor Joy as Princess Peach, Seth Rogan as Donkey Kong, and of course, Jack Black as Bowser, the cast delivers. Along with great animation, the soundtrack was full of classic hits including some ACDC, Beastie Boys, and A-ha’s iconic “Take on Me.” The plot was a let down in my personal opinion because it was the most basic storyline they could use. Personally, the soundtrack was the best part of this movie along with some funny jokes every now and then. Jack Black voicing Bowser was also one of the best parts, he was perfect casting for this evil character. For a kids movie, this was an iconic movie and lived up to its standards. Compared to every other movie out there though, this movie was pretty basic and predictable. In the end, I would happily watch it again for the good laughs and great soundtrack. Plus, it was only 90 minutes!

Stars: 4/5