SBA Election Results Are In!


Juli McNeil

Laurna Lancaster after the assembly with students wearing her campaign T-shirts

These past few weeks have been a hard battle for our Student Body Government candidates as they have been working hard on their campaigns to lock in their votes and secure their wins. On March 10, 2023, the entire school attended an assembly where each candidate presented a speech on why they should earn their position, and the students then voted on who they believed was the best fit. Finally, the results are in. Our historian for the upcoming year is Morgan Montgomery, a sophomore who ran unopposed. Our treasurer is Will Neese, a cross country and track runner for the Palisade team. Ava Pearson will be our secretary for the upcoming school year. Pearson ran a popular and beloved campaign for the fictional character Vector, from the Illumination studio-produced film Despicable Me. Our vice president will be Izzy Meyer, and finally, our 2023-2024 Student Body President is Laurna Lancaster. Lancaster has been a member of the Student Council since she was in fourth grade. It has always been her goal to one day become student body president in her high school career, as she was the president of her middle school StuCo. “When I first heard that I won the position of Student Body President I was filled with joy and a lot of confidence. I know that once I set my mind on something I don’t stop until I achieve my goal.” Lancaster states. Laurna was hard at work preparing her campaign, and buttering up to the students as well as the teachers in the weeks leading up to the assembly. “I was planning my campaign for two weeks before I actually started. I had a calendar of what I was going to do. My mom and sister and Mrs. Jodi were a huge help with the entire process. I made t-shirts, posters, and business cards for teachers and students. I also bought daylight donuts for the teachers.” It’s clear that Lancaster was heavily prepared for her campaign and her term. Her goal for the upcoming school year is to enhance student engagement within the school and to better the relationships with our school and StuCo to make things a more open street. She also plans on working with Mr. Howard on our pack app to make fun days once a month for students to win awards. Congratulations on our Student Body government winners! See you next year!